History of Hillsborough - Troop 60143 Silver Award

Welcome to our History of Hillsborough Silver Award page!

We are from Girl Scout Troop 60143 and our names are Marisa, Elina, and Kathleen and this page is a result of our Girl Scout Silver Award.

What is a Silver Award?

A Silver Award is the second of the highest awards a Girl Scout can earn. It is the highest award a Cadette level Girl Scout can earn.

How do you Earn a Silver Award?

Girl Scout Cadettes can earn this award by completing a Journey, and a project. This project must consist of 50 or more hours of hard work and effort and must be sustainable over a period of time.

Our Silver Award

For our Silver Award, we chose to do the History of Hillsborough. In 2021, Hillsborough is celebrating the 250th anniversary of our town’s founding. Therefore, we thought it would be a great project to create a letter boxing scavenger hunt around town. Letter boxing is similar to geocaching but instead of leaving trinkets behind, people use stamps to show the places they've been. For our letterboxes, we chose 10 historical sites around town that were accessible and safe. Our letter boxes include a paragraph about the history of the location, a stamp, and a notebook to put your stamp, name, and date of your visit. When you visit all 10 of our sites in order and stamp your own notebook, the stamps we left in our letterboxes will spell out an important word.

What is Letterboxing?

The concept of letterboxing is simple. Consider the letterboxer as a treasure hunter of sorts. Each letterbox is a treasure waiting to be found. You never know where the treasure might be tucked away. Your local health food store, coffee shop, restaurant, or park could hold countless numbers of letterboxes.

Letterboxing is an outdoor hobby that combines elements of orienteering, art, and puzzle solving. Letterboxers hide small, weatherproof boxes in public places and distribute clues to finding the box in catalogs, on one of web sites. Individual letterboxes usually contain a notebook and rubber stamp. Finders make an imprint of the letterbox`s stamp and leave an impression of their personal stamp on the letterbox`s logbook. Proof of having found the box and letting subsequent letterboxers see who have visited.

~ As described on the Discover a Hobby website