Fall Camping 2019

The Program is for all levels. This program offers an overnight camping experience, and the opportunity to learn outdoor/camping skills without overnight participation .

Activities we are planning include:

  • Tent building - tips and tricks
  • How to start a fire and campfire etiquette
  • Camp cooking - meal ideas/camp kitchen/dunk stations
  • Camping traditions – kapers/games/songs
  • Campfire with S’mores
  • ...and the ever popular - Box Oven Baking Contest!

Older girls should be willing to work at a station and teach the younger girls some new skills. A girl ‘station-leader’ train the trainer event will be scheduled, to orient older girls ahead of the Fall Camping.

Younger troops can stay as a troop overnight, if they’re interested, or just stay with their troop for the day (we’re so close to home!).

This year there will be no competition for the events, but there will be a prize for the very popular Box Oven Bake-Off!

If you are new to camping, but want to give it a try - contact gs.su72outdoorskills@gmail.com and we can set you up with an experienced troop to help mentor you!

Camping registration files include:

May Camporee 2019 Registration Files

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