What you need to know before you go

In order to get to all of our Historic letterboxes, here's what you should know before you head out to find them.

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What you need:

  • Notebook (to collect the letterbox stamps)

  • Optional: Your own stamp (something that represents you: an initial, a hobby, favorite animal, etc)

  • Shoes you don't mind getting dirty. A few sites are by the river and there is a very small portion of grassy/dirt areas to be walked on)

  • The Letterbox locations listed below - read the clues for the exact box location!

NOTE: If you are using a mobile phone on this page, you must click on the location and then scroll within that location's box.

Official Letterbox Registration


If you want to be a registered member of the letterbox community, you can visit this site and create an account. Once you find the letterbox, you can go to this site, locate the letterbox and indicate you found it.

Best Route

This is the suggested order to get you to all of the letterboxes quickest and also spell out the stamp message. It should take about 35 min if you were just driving. With time to get out and find the letterboxes, budget for 75-90 minutes.

Please note there is limited parking available at the Woodfern Bridge and the Opie/River Road Bridge locations.

Location A

Location B

Location C

Location D

Location E

Location F

Location G

Location H

Location I

Location J